Sunday, 28 October 2012


I have made a website. Here is the website I have made.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Cord chewing gum cigarette

This shirt was so bright the pink was reflecting onto the white.

Jumping from a height must be a difficult way for a bird to commit suicide.

How long do you want me to watch the Olympics for today?


A very worried coconut in Asda

Grids of chaos

The day two black lines came from behind a cloud

A quarter of the window it could have been

A circle of trees

I have never seen a DANGER OF LIFE sign

An absolutely ecstatic lock

"Oh Jesus. The Grim Reaper of the chicken world is behind me isn't he?"

There is a Wren sat in the heart of this robot Cockerel with either hand on a joystick

What are we going to call our furniture store?

Someone must have been in the dog house

The result of a bad day of busking

Sunday, 5 February 2012

The footprints of a person with two right feet

A small green salad Swallow

Pinocchio moon pastry

The six soldiers all hatched without complication


painting in progress

Painting in progress

The red lipped bin monster of Hackney

All you can't eat chinese

A donkey having a staring contest with an out of shot duck

A cat dressed up in an expensive sheep costume

A content Goat

The toffee bomb pupil

Toilet roll eyed Disneyface

79p for a packet of Polos? They've got holes in aswell.

Lying in a Lion Coffin

Laughing Peppers

Crazy Golf



Tubes of cloud

Warm explosion